This provincial election - let's put poverty on the agenda 

Too often discussions about poverty get sidelined when elections roll around. Poverty is at the heart of all the most significant issues facing Manitoba.

For instance, poverty is one of the biggest drains on our health system. Poor housing, lack of income to buy nutritious food and inadequate access to mental health resources mean that poor people face acute and chronic conditions that put enormous strain on the system.

Make Poverty History Manitoba is asking all parties to commit to priorities on poverty reduction, including making a comprehensive plan that sets targets and timelines for poverty reduction, building social housing, raising minimum wage, increasing social assistance, investing in mental health and funding universal child care.

These priorities were based on consultations with people living in poverty, community organizations, and academics as the top actions government should take to reduce both the depth and extent of poverty in Manitoba.

We can end poverty, but we need government to show leadership and voters need to demand action.

On September 10 - vote kNOw Poverty.

Download our MPHM 2019 - kNOw Poverty Policy Priorities here!

MPHM 2019 - kNOw Poverty Policy Priorities