Have you endorsed the MPHM plan?


Endorse MPHM’s 2016 Provincial Election Campaign

Our coalition depends on the supporting endorsements of our members. Add your organization’s name by sending an email (subject: 2016 Campaign Endorsement) to manitoba@makepovertyhistory.ca

Your organization’s name will be listed on MPHM’s website after a statement that reads “The following organizations have endorsed the six prioritized recommendations of Make Poverty History Manitoba”. We are hoping to collect as many endorsements as possible by Dec 15. Let us know if you need more time to get approval from your board.

Over the past year, Make Poverty History Manitoba has been working with the community to develop a list of priorities for how to reduce poverty in Manitoba. We are looking for support for our six point plan:

  1. Minimum wage: Raise the minimum wage to a poverty line wage of $15.53 per hour
  2. Social housing: Build at least 300 new social housing units annually for five years
  3. Welfare rate: Double the basic needs allowance for EIA recipients
  4. Childcare: Create at least 1,200 subsidized childcare spaces in low-income neighbourhoods
  5. Mental health: Double funding for mental health services, beginning with an increase in mental health spending by 40 per cent over three years with priority given to community-based mental health services.
  6. Set targets and timelines for poverty reduction in Manitoba.

More information about each platform idea is available on our website: https://makepovertyhistorymb.com/

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