Purpose: The purpose of Make Poverty History Manitoba (MPHM) is to provide a central coalition of agencies and individuals working for the elimination of poverty in Manitoba.

Vision: A Manitoba without poverty.

Mission: To change public policy to achieve a Manitoba without poverty.


  1. To create a strong, politically non-partisan and provincial coalition and movement, representative of all sectors of society, in support of achieving a Manitoba without poverty.
  2. To promote the development and implementation of adequately resourced, comprehensive and effective anti-poverty plans at all levels of government based on the principle of social inclusion, with targets and timelines for outcomes.
  3. To make poverty elimination a top societal priority.
  4. To work in cooperation with and support relevant national campaigns to end poverty.

To achieve these objectives we will:

  1. Consult broadly
  2. Gather research
  3. Develop policy recommendations for eliminating poverty
  4. Advocate for policy change with and on behalf of those living in poverty
  5. Generate publicity and public awareness on the impact that poverty has on everyone and on solutions for ending poverty.
  6. Mobilize Manitobans in support of poverty elimination