Action: Stop the CERB Claw-backs

The Problem

Many people living in poverty are receiving notices requiring repayment of the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) amounts they received during the pandemic. They do not have the money to pay it back and some could see their EIA or any wages they make clawed back to repay the federal government.

Asking people to repay money they don’t have will only exacerbate poverty and the systemic challenges many already face ― we need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The Solution

We need your help to call on the federal government to stop the claw-backs and implement 'repayment amnesty' for low-income people.

How You Can Help

Join us after January 10, 2023 by sending a letter to your Member of Parliament. Here's how:

1. Open your email inbox in a new window and create a new message

2. Address your email:

  • To: your MP's Email address (see below)
  • BCC:

4. Copy and paste the subject line and the email template to your email (see below)

6. Personalize:

  • Add your MP's name to the "Dear [MP's Name]" section at the beginning
  • Sign your name at the end of the email

7. Tweak the text to make it sound like you. Then hit send.


After you have sent your email, please sign the petition to the Government of Canada. Click here to go to the petition.

Subject Line:

Please Stop CERB Claw-Backs

Email Template:

Dear [MP’s name],

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Canada acted swiftly and decisively to ensure that Canadians, who were being asked to stay home from work, would be able to do so without fearing for their financial wellbeing. CERB was an effective tool for ensuring people were able to meet their basic needs and remain at home. 

It also acted as a tool for poverty relief. For those with low incomes, those experiencing poverty, or those experiencing homelessness, CERB was instrumental in helping them through the challenges of the pandemic. The money they received was spent to meet basic needs. 

Now, asking them to repay what they don’t have will only plunge them further into poverty. It is not worth the CRA’s time and efforts to track down payments that are simply not possible from individuals with no money to repay their debts. Clawing back the money through EIA, wage reductions, or fines will only ensure that those who are already struggling will struggle more. 

It is in the best interest of all Canadians to provide a low income CERB repayment amnesty for anyone earning less than $24,000 annually. 

Please consider taking this necessary and equitable step in reducing the burden for many. 


[Insert Your Name]

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  • Larry Maguire

Charleswood–St. James–Assiniboia–Headingley

  • Marty Morantz

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  • Niki Ashton

Dauphin–Swan River–Neepawa

  • Dan Mazier


  • Daniel Blaikie

Kildonan–St. Paul

  • Raquel Dancho


  • Candice Bergen


  • Ted Falk

Saint Boniface–Saint Vital

  • Dan Vandal


  • James Bezan

Winnipeg Centre

  • Leah Gazan

Winnipeg North

  • Kevin Lamoureux

Winnipeg South

  • Terry Duguid

Winnipeg South Centre

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