Our 6 Provincial Priority Areas:

  1. Comprehensive Plan: Establish a target and timeline for ending poverty
  2. Minimum Wage: Raise the minimum wage to a poverty line wage of $16.58 per hour
  3. Social Housing: Build at least 300 new social housing units annually for five years
  4. Livable Basic Needs Benefit: Double the basic needs allowance for Employment and Income Assistance recipients
  5. Child Care: Create at least 17,000 subsidized childcare spaces with priority in low-income neighbourhoods
  6. Mental Health: Double the funding allotted to community-based mental health services for low income Manitobans.

These priorities were developed out of extensive consultations with community MPHM rally April15 organizations, using the View From Here 2015 as a starting point for discussion. Priorities were chosen based on the criteria of which actions will have the greatest effect of minimizing both the depth and breadth of poverty. Consideration was also given to which policies are most achievable given our current political and economic climate.

MPHM 2019 - kNOw Poverty Policy Priorities