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Citizens will vote for Winnipeg’s Mayor and Council on October 26. Winnipeggers believe poverty and homelessness are among the most important issues facing our city today, ranked above the cost of living, crime, and roads/potholes:

Mayoral and City Councillor candidates can respond to citizen priorities by committing to invest in the City’s poverty reduction strategy, starting with the following priority areas:

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Build 150 new rent-geared-to-income housing units annually over 10 years and provide a total of 7 full-time city staff dedicated to supporting their development.

There is a desperate shortage of social housing in Manitoba with over 4,000 households on a waitlist. People experiencing homelessness need housing now but private market rents are unaffordable and don’t come with needed supports. We will not end homelessness without government investments in housing and the City must do its part.

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Provide eligible low-income Winnipeggers with 80 percent off the cost of a monthly transit pass and commit to a timeline for introducing fare free transit for all.

People living with low incomes often rely on public transit to get around the City, but at $106 for a monthly pass or $53 for a low-income pass, transit is out of reach for many. Social assistance gives only $195 per month for all expenses outside of rent. Reducing the cost of a bus pass will support low-income people to access much-needed services and job opportunities.

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Redirect at least 10% of police funding to community organizations that are providing community-based mental health supports to address the root causes of crime and expand support for 24-hour safe spaces.

Mental illness or unsafe substance use stemming from poverty, marginalization, and trauma can contribute to criminal or other harmful behaviours. We must look beyond police responses and invest in evidence-based poverty reduction initiatives led by community organizations that work most closely with people experiencing poverty and homelessness.



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Ask candidates at the door if they will commit to implementing these actions if elected.

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How did mayoral candidates respond to our policy recommendations?

Members of Make Poverty History Manitoba contributed to a series of interviews conducted by the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg with nine of the eleven mayoral candidates. During those interviews, as well as at other points during the campaign, some of the candidates committed to our proposals, while others outright rejected them or did not commit. Those results are represented in the chart below, followed by excerpts from the interviews. We hope this will help inform your vote on October 26.

Candidate Pledges

Interviews with Mayoral Candidates

Conducted by the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg in partnership with Make Poverty History Manitoba

(The full interviews by SPCW which also cover other topics, are available here)

*Kevin Klein and Don Woodstock did not participate in the SPCW interviews.