Manitobans strongly support increased funding to help people living in poverty

EIA in Manitoba is inadequate and punitive. It does not provide enough financial support for individuals and families who depend on it to meet even their basic necessities. Every step of the way, the EIA system degrades recipients and puts up barriers to their independence. It’s no surprise that so many Manitobans view EIA negatively. That’s why Make Poverty History Manitoba is calling for the Province to replace it with a livable basic needs benefit that is adequate, portable and dignified.

Support for addressing poverty through jobs and employment should be undertaken through Community Economic Development, including social enterprise development, meaningful pathways to employment, and investing in fair and local economies.

1 thought on “Manitobans strongly support increased funding to help people living in poverty”

  1. Minimum wage going up .05
    What can I do I am $1.00 away every month from homelessness
    I skip and stretch my medication so I might buy vegetables or fruit
    And there are so Manitoba’s just like me
    Worked 45 years and I have to go to food banks
    I am tired so tired how to live like this
    Can’t spend any money to go out or get a haircut
    So we wonder why mental health and Suicides are so high here
    We are not heard feel that we work for nothing and less of the rest of Canadians

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