January 23 - Winnipeg Free Press - Manitoba premier hints at financial aid, budget consultations float more tax cuts


April 8 - Winnipeg Free Press Budget Coverage: Tory funding misses mark: critics, Pallister's tax rebate puts $4,000 into his own pocket

April 7 - From Crisis to Connection: Ending Homelessness in Winnipeg coverage: Canstar News, Seminar on homelessness to educate public; CTV News Continuing to push to end homelessness

March 25 - Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba urged to boost welfare rates

March 3 - CBC Manitoba More than $395M sent to Manitoba through CERB at start of pandemic, data shows


December 13 - CTV News Winnipeg 'Serious crisis': Poverty advocate calls for province to enact eviction ban

November 21 - CBC Manitoba For Manitobans without credit cards, new restrictions hit harder, advocates say

November 8 - CBC Manitoba 'Next to impossible' to live on Manitoba income assistance during pandemic: community advocate

October 9 - EIA & Federal Income Supports

Winnipeg Sun - Province clears up how it will treat federal income supports for EIA clients

Winnipeg Free Press - Manitoba sets new federal benefits rules for EIA clients

May 26 - $200 Cheque for low-income Manitobans with disabilities

CBC Manitoba Manitoba gives $200 cheques to low-income Manitobans with disabilities

CBC Winnipeg News at 6:00 May 26 - starts at 10:25 mark

Times Colonist Manitoba premier says cheques will be sent out to low-income disabled persons

CJOB Radio with Richard Cloutier

May 9 - CBC Manitoba $200 cheques for Manitoba seniors draw mix of praise, criticism

May 5 - The Canadian Press Manitoba premier says cheques being sent to seniors to help with COVID-19 costs

May 1 - Winnipeg Free Press Income supports urgently needed in Manitoba

April 30 - CBC Radio Up to Speed Online Fundraising Concert for Winnipeg Harvest

April 18 - CBC Manitoba 'Doing my damnedest': Family living in a shutdown world of COVID-19 juggles a lot — with very little

April 17 - CBC Manitoba Physical distancing requirements raise new and old concerns for special needs community

April 5 - Winnipeg Free Press A roundup of COVID-19 developments this weekend

April 5 - Winnipeg Free Press Income assistance increase urged

April 4 - CTV News Coalition calls on Manitoba to increase employment, income assistance during pandemic

April 3 - CBC Radio Up to Speed Immediately Increase the EIA Budget by $300

April 1 - CBC Radio Up to Speed A financial emergency is no April fool's gag for tenants struggling to pay rent

March 31 - Winnipeg Free Press Housing stability crucial during COVID-19 crisis

March 28 - Winnipeg Free Press Charities, and giving, must go on

March 24 - Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba moves to postpone evictions, freeze rent

March 22 - Winnipeg Free Press Renters seek financial protection during economic instability

March 20 - CTV News Anti-poverty advocates calling on province to support renters

March 19 - Provincial Budget coverage

Winnipeg Sun - Manitoba government cuts some taxes, sets money aside for emergencies

March 6 - Winnipeg Free Press Premier shouldn’t play politics with hungry kids


October 19 - Winnipeg Sun More ambitious targets needed to tackle province's poverty rates: Critics

August 21 - Coverage of Hunger & Poverty Provincial Election Forum

CBC Manitoba PCs no-show at Manitoba poverty debate

Radio Canada Un forum électoral sur la pauvreté, sans les progressistes-conservateurs

Winnipeg Free Press Party leaders balance perils, pros of skipping public forums

August 20 - Winnipeg Free Press Liberals' pledge to end poverty includes establishing a minimum income, voluntary work program

August 7 - Winnipeg Free Press/Canstar News When the struggle to make rent is real

July 23 - CBC Manitoba City shifts strategy after outcry on plans to dismantle Winnipeg homeless camps

CBC Manitoba: Radio Noon, news coverage, Freezing rental assistance while slashing PST misguided, Manitoba anti-poverty group says

Winnipeg Free Press: Province criticized for freezing rent-assist payments

Winnipeg Sun: Funding cut 'arbitrary and discriminatory': poverty group

CTV News: A call to the province to end poverty crisis 

June 3 - CBC Manitoba No households cut off from Rent Assist this year, but anti-poverty group warns single adults being left behind

May 21 - Canstar News Taking on poverty in our city

May 8 - Winnipeg Free Press Hungry students don't learn: teachers society tells provincial review panel

May 2 - Global Winnipeg "It's An Exciting Moment": Advocacy Group Applauds Winnipeg Plan for Poverty Reduction 

May 2 - CTV Winnipeg Coverage of Winnipeg Without Poverty campaign: Make Poverty History Manitoba

April 30 - Coverage of Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Strategy:

CBC Manitoba: Winnipeg public service asked to develop poverty reduction strategy

CBC Manitoba Up to Speed

Winnipeg Free Press: City eyes role in reducing poverty

Winnipeg Sun: Winnipeg orders study on anti-poverty measures

April 24 - Winnipeg Sun "Winnipeg Plans to Enhance Anti-Poverty Measures"

April 17 - Coverage of our Report - Failing Grade: Manitoba Poverty Reduction Strategy and Budget 2019

Winnipeg Sun: ‘SERIOUSLY FLAWED’: Manitoba has poor anti-poverty plan, says Make Poverty History

Winnipeg Free Press: Manitoba falls short in anti-poverty measures: report

March 7 - Winnipeg Free Press PST cut, deficit-fighting highlight Tory budget

March 1 - Coverage of 2019-20 City of Winnipeg Budget

Winnipeg Sun: WINNIPEG BUDGET: City will repair fewer roads because of funding shortfall: mayor

CTV News Winnipeg: City proposing low income bus passes in 2019 preliminary budget

January 28 - Winnipeg Sun Liberals say income assistance program doesn't do enough to ‘lift people from poverty’

January 9 - CHVN 95.1 Winnipeg church joins initiative to end poverty


December 15 - CBC Manitoba Opinion Piece by Steering Committee member Al Wiebe Living in poverty at Christmas 'life-draining,' says Winnipegger: 'I know, because I live that life'

November 29 - River City 360 Podcast Michael Barkman on Making Poverty History in Manitoba


October 16 - Winnipeg Free Press Motkaluk passes on mayoral candidates forum

October 12 - The Manitoban Manitobans protest for safe housing, affordable transit, Marchers call for voters to make poverty an election issue

October 11 - CBC Manitoba Politicians must make eliminating poverty a priority, advocates say

August 3 - Winnipeg Free Press Editorial by Michael Barkman and Lorie English Meth is a symptom; poverty is the crisis

July 9 - Canstar News Fighting the good fight: Local activist ‘just can’t help’ getting involved

July 6 - CBC Manitoba Another 150 Manitoba households cut off from Rent Assist after income threshold drops

May 30 - Winnipeg Sun Manitobans support effort to raise people from poverty: poll

May 4 - Winnipeg Sun Eliminating poverty priority for latest mayor candidate

May 2 - Coverage of our Report & Campaign Launch: Winnipeg Without Poverty: Calling on the City to Lead

CBC Manitoba Advocates want Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman to champion poverty reduction

Global Winnipeg Advocates call on Winnipeg mayor for poverty reduction strategy

Winnipeg Free Press Bowman urged to copy other mayors who work for poor

April 12 - National Post Manitoba government reduces two housing subsidies for second straight year

April 11 - Winnipeg Free Press Editorial by Kevin Rebeck Manitobans deserve a $15 minimum wage


September 19 - Winnipeg Free Press Anti-poverty rally calls for $15 minimum wage by 2020, Kinew says 2024

September 3 - CBC Manitoba Opinion Piece Struggle to find affordable housing an old story, but government action could write new chapter

June 20 - Rent Assist cuts, rent increase coverage

CBC Manitoba Manitoba government hiking rent for some tenants in public housing
Global Winnipeg Province hiking rent rates for low-income tenants in Manitoba

January 6 - CBC Manitoba Income assistance keeps Manitobans at 50-70 per cent of poverty line: Protesters

August 31, 2012 - Winnipeg Free Press: Raise the (welfare) rent, inner-city advocates say

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