don't need that $200?!

Upset the Province of Manitoba is giving middle and upper income seniors $200 during COVID-19 while low income Manitobans in need go without? 

The Seniors Economic Recovery Credit is not income tested. Low income and fixed income seniors absolutely need support - as so do people with disabilities, people on social assistance, and those who’ve lost work due to COVID-19. The new seniors tax credit will cost $45 million dollars and be provided to all 225,000 seniors in Manitoba, regardless of need. While many low-income seniors are in need of support, Manitoba is the only province that has not provided any income support to low income people or those impacted by COVID-19.

Take some political action and show the provincial government that they must provide help to Manitobans who need support the most.

take action now! here's what you can do:

  1. Seniors: if you can afford to, please donate your $200 “Seniors Economic Recovery Credit” to ending poverty in Manitoba. Organizations in Manitoba have been working hard throughout the COVID-19 crisis to respond to community needs. Many of them are Make Poverty History Manitoba (MPHM) coalition members and could use your support. See the list BELOW this post for links to organizations who are part of MPHM, a “big tent”, multi-sectoral collaborative coalition committed to changing public policy to achieve a Manitoba without poverty. They could use your support in serving our communities!

  2. Share your message why you are donating your $200 to help end poverty - and what you would've wanted the provincial government to do instead. We will be collecting quotes and information to help spread the word and communicate to the provincial government! Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your quotes. Here are some examples:
    • “Premier Pallister’s move to give every senior in Manitoba a $200 rebate as a “deserved benefit” is not one this senior “deserves.” While some of my cohort do need at least $200, many, many more are like me - well pensioned and debt free. Public money should be spent to lift the burdens of the poor, not line the pockets of the comfortable.” - Barb Jones, senior
    • “That a provincial government dedicated to “finding efficiencies”  and cutting community organizations suddenly has $45 million dollars to give to seniors regardless of need is a crass vote-buying move that fails to address issues of poverty and inequality in this province” - Beverly Peters, senior

  3. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with Make Poverty History Manitoba.

  4. Sign our online petition calling for the Province of Manitoba to provide $300 emergency supports per person per month to those on social assistance. This would cost the province approximately $63 million dollars, which would be an effective and efficient use of public resources to target support to those who need it most. The province could easily implement this emergency assistance. For more on why people on social assistance need help during COVID-19, please see the campaign website here.

MPHM Members Responding to COVID-19. Donate today!

Andrews Street Family Centre

Brandon Friendship Centre

Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Manitoba

Citizens' Bridge

Community Unemployed Help Centre

Council of Canadians-Winnipeg Chapter

Daniel McIntyre St. Matthews Community Association

Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation 

Epic Opportunities

Family Dynamics

Food Matters Manitoba

Green Action Centre 

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) 

Independent Living Resource Centre

Indigenous Women's Healing Centre

John Howard Society of Manitoba

Ka Ni Kanichick

Klinic Community Health Centre

Local Investment Towards Employment (LITE)

Manitoba Eco-Network

Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities

Manitoba Moon Voices Inc. 

Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network

Mount Carmel Clinic

Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc. -Our Relatives' Home

New Journey Housing

North End Women's Centre

North Point Douglas Women's Centre

NorWest Co-op Community Health 

Oak Table Community Ministry

Pulford Community Living Services

Red Road Lodge 

Resource Assistance for Youth Inc. 

Rossbrook House

Supporting Economic and Employment Development Winnipeg Inc. (SEED Inc.)

Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

Spence Neighbourhood Association Inc. 

St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry

St. Amant

 Thrive Community Support Services 

Urban Circle Training Centre

West Broadway Community Organization 

West Central Women's Resource Centre

Winnipeg Harvest

Wolseley Family Place

You Can't Spoil a Baby (Manitoba)