Action: Support our Delegation to Winnipeg City Council

The City of Winnipeg is currently considering the 2023 Multi-Year Budget Update, which will be approved on March 22. They are holding a series of meetings to gather feedback before then. The MPHM City Working Group is sending a delegation on March 16 to advocate for increased funding for poverty-reduction policies at the Executive Policy Committee that is considering the budget update.

How You Can Support Our Delegation

Send an email to the Mayor and City Councillors, letting them know you support our delegation and our message. Here's how:

1. Open your email inbox in a new window and create a new message

2. Address your email:

  • To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • BCC:

3. Copy and paste the subject line and the email template to your email (see below)

4. Personalize:

  • Add your name to the "My name is" section at the beginning
  • Write 2-3 sentences about your personal concerns around poverty in Winnipeg and insert it where it says "Replace this text..."
  • Sign your name at the end of the email

5. Tweak the text to make it sound like you. Then hit send.

Subject Line:

From a Winnipegger concerned about poverty in our city

Email Template:

Dear Mayor Gillingham and Councillors Allard, Browaty, Chambers, Dobson, Duncan, Eadie, Gilroy, Lukes, Mayes, Orlikow, Rollins, Santos, Schreyer, and Sharma:

My name is [Insert Your Name] and I am a member of Make Poverty History Manitoba, and a resident of Winnipeg. I’m writing to urge you to prioritize poverty reduction initiatives in the 2023 City Budget.

[***Replace this text with a personal message about your concerns around poverty in Winnipeg***]

On March 16, a delegation from Make Poverty History Manitoba will present to the Executive Policy Committee budget consultation meeting regarding the policies our city needs to invest in to eliminate poverty. I support this delegation and stand behind their message. I support the implementation of the City of Winnipeg's current Poverty Reduction Strategy and further efforts for the city to play its role in addressing poverty.

Our city urgently needs to prioritize poverty-reduction policies. Please ensure the 2023 budget makes this a top priority.


[Insert Your Name]

Thank you for participating in this action.