Winnipeg Without Poverty: Calling on the City to Lead

We call on the Mayor of Winnipeg to:

1. Be a champion for a Winnipeg Without Poverty

2. Lead the development of a comprehensive poverty reduction plan for Winnipeg

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Responses from Candidates!

Read what candidates for Mayor and City Council have to say about a Winnipeg Without Poverty here.

Show your support!

Sign the petition below, join our mailing list, and join other Winnipeggers who believe in this vision.

Read our community-based poverty reduction plan for Winnipeg that consists of 50 policy recommendations that the City of Winnipeg can implement as part of its plan.

Endorse the plan!

The plan has been endorsed by more than 90 organizations from across the city.

If you would like to add your organization’s name to the list of endorsers, please click here.

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Sign our petition to Mayor Brian Bowman

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