Winnipeg Without Poverty: Candidate Responses

In September, Make Poverty History Manitoba sent out a questionnaire with four questions for Winnipeg mayoral and council candidates.

Up to 107,000 Winnipeggers live below the poverty line. This has a crippling effect on the people themselves and also  impacts the City’s budget line in terms of police and health and emergency services. Poverty hurts the whole city.

While the Mayor and Council have taken some steps towards reducing poverty, the issues are complex and must be tackled with a comprehensive and coordinated strategy. Our City needs a plan.

Last May, we launched Winnipeg Without Poverty: Calling on the City to Lead, available online at This report was done in collaboration with community and identifies what the City of Winnipeg can do to reduce poverty.

Several Canadian municipalities like Hamilton, Calgary and Edmonton are showing that Cities can do many things to reduce poverty. So can Winnipeg.

The City of Winnipeg can introduce a low-income bus pass, help add to the supply of affordable housing, and throw its weight behind calling on other levels of government to take action like increasing the minimum wage to a living wage.

These ideas and many more are part of Winnipeg Without Poverty: Calling on the City to Lead.  They are rooted in the priorities of people who have experienced poverty. We are calling on our Mayor and Council to create a City-driven plan that builds on these ideas.

The community-driven plan includes recommendations in the areas listed below and has been endorsed by more than 100 organizations:

Income and Employment
Urban Sprawl
Community and Civic Engagement
Policing and Safety
Food security
Public Spaces
Child Care
Health and Mental Health
Accessibility Rights

We asked candidates, if elected:

1. Will you be a champion for a Winnipeg Without Poverty and commit to leading the development of a comprehensive poverty reduction plan for Winnipeg with progress indicators that have targets and timelines?

2. What specific actions will you take to reduce poverty in Winnipeg via the City of Winnipeg?

3. How will you work with community groups and people with lived experience of poverty?

4. Anything further to add?

Candidate responses have been included as written. They are presented in order of appearing on the ballot.

Follow the links to read answers from candidates below:

Responses from Mayoral Candidates

City Council by ward:

Download the Entire Candidate Response Document here!